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Flexible use and full energy for efficient conferencing

DIGIMIC lean+ is efficient in every respect. The compact solution for the integrated and easily accessible energy and data connection of conference stations. DIGIMIC lean+ can also be just temporarily fastened to the tabletop in a space-saving way using aluminium angle brackets without damaging the conference table. Cables are fed behind the screen.

Integrated conference technology - invisible when not in use

Connect with the world, interact with one another and vote during a conference. After the conference simply fold down the flexible and permanently installed microphone and hide it under the robust Coni frame. You will thereby protect the technology that will be ready for its next use and maintain the harmonious appearance of a 'flat' table.

Secret voting and all of the languages of the world

Always the right equipment for your individual purpose. Integrated into the tabletop separately from the microphone station in a compact housing when closed. If the voting system is required then attendees can simply open the lid to vote. The language selector can also be used when the station is closed because no cables are pinched thanks to the integrated brush insert.

Compact and efficient

DIGIMIC lean+ offers you a compact solution for integrated and easy access to your conference and media modules. Attendees are connected to the outside world without leaving their seat and can actively participate in the conference at the same time. Give your attendees further advantages through the individually configurable special button. The uniform custom modules enable optimal configuration for all media technology and network connection requirements.

A delegate unit in its most elegant form

The microphone and microphone button, the most important components of a conference system, are elegantly and discretely available to you. All further components are kept clean and ready for use as needed under an elegant aluminium cover. Conceived for design-oriented conference rooms that also protects the conference technology as well as electrical and data connections from dust and dirt.

Product Video

DIGIMIC lean+ was designed for conference attendees whose requirements go far beyond plug and play functions.

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The functions, form and colour of complex and custom delegate units can be configured in the shortest amount of time using Brähler's Product Configurator.

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