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DIGIMIC: The all-rounder from Brähler for a small meeting or

a large conference. Wire-connected or wireless.

The DIGIMIC systems from Brähler are high-performance multitalented solutions. They ushered in the age of digital conference technology and are still setting new benchmarkstoday. The DIGIMIC systems are in use in large convention centres, trade fair halls and parliaments worldwide. But also numerous companies and hotels trust in DIGIMIC, e.g. when they are furnishing their conference rooms. DIGIMIC can also have its design modified or be firmly integrated into furnishings. All elements can be combined, expanded and customised without a problem. DIGIMIC is available in a wired or wireless version.

The microphone stations impress with a discreet, modern design, for which we were also honoured with the iF product design award . And just as technology continues to develop, we are also continuously developing our conference systems. This is always done according to the four principles of 1. ease of use, 2. flexibility, 3. reliability and 4. top professionalism.

DIGIMIC mini, classic and pro are modularly and flexibly combinable. In addition to a customised arrangement of the system elements, this also enables simple future expansion or adaptation – perfectly coordinated to every need. This also means a secure investment and a high degree of sustainability.

Brähler´s DIGIMIC family

the solution for all kind of applications

  • DIGIMIC mini is intended for small discussions with a minimum of preparation and ready to use out-of-the-box.
  • DIGIMIC classic, with its language selectors, promotes global understanding and brings people together for experience exchanges.
  • With DIGIMIC lean+, all of the functions of a microphone station can be flexibily combined with one another, arranged and expanded with the widest variety of data and media connections.
  • With the smart DIGIMIC multimedia unitsSMic 13,3 and SMic 5,9 Brähler Systems has developed a high-quality and modern conference units.

Simple, versatile, DIGIMIC!

The DIGIMIC design: innovative, slim, discreet

DIGIMIC fulfils more than just the highest technological standards. DIGIMIC also demonstrates leadership qualities with its microphone stations and delegate units CMic and DMic. The extremely flat microphone stands with a metal cover are discreet and inconspicuous and can be elegantly integrated into any environment – without giving up any performance or functionality! Our CMic was awarded the iF product design award for this.

DIGIMIC technology: sophisticated and trendsetting

DIGIMIC is synonymous with digital microphone management. DIGIMIC ushered in the age of digital conference technology. Thanks to its modern technology and continual development, DIGIMIC satisfies the high demands placed on modern conference systems. Today DIGIMIC is used at conferences worldwide and sets high standards in terms of transmission quality, reliability and compatibility. The DIGIMIC platform for conference technology applications is the result of over 50 years of experience and innovations.

Customized solutions

The units of the DIGIMIC system can do more than just be combined with each other and flexibly used. For fixed installation solutions we even adapt the shape and colour of individual elements to your precise specifications. At the request of customers we designed round microphone stations for our DIGIMIC classic and integrated them into the conference furnishings, for example. Feel free to contact us.


The new generation of BRÄHLER‘s DIGIMIC 32 conference system will incorporate a Dante enabled audio interface for both DIGIMIC system interconnection and interoperability with 3rd party digital audio systems.

  • Easy and cost effective audio interfacing
  • Provides a choice of up to 32 high- quality audio channels used for distribution of interpretation and floor channels.
  • Complete, high performance digital DIGIMIC media networking toolkit
  • True plug and play, with label-based routing
  • Widespread adoption, highest DCen and 3rd party device interoperabiliy
  • Supports existing Ethernet switches or AVB switch
  • High Performance
  • Sample accurate timing
  • High quality, low jitter audio clocks
  • Ultra low latency


Brählers Backup Switchover Unit

The DIGIMIC DSwitch backup switch over unit provides improved system reliability by backing up all connected DCen central units within the DIGIMIC conference system (A/B Switch). In case of a failure the DSwitch can switch over from the main DCen to the backup unit either by a button press on the DSwitch front or via a software command. Up to four DCens can be connected to one DSwitch forming a DCen cluster which can be switched over individually or simultaneously.

The brählerOS software application can detect possible failures and starts the switch over process accordingly by the operator’s command. The braehlerOS software will continue operating with the backup DCen and the connected units.

The DCen’s integrated multiple power supplies for each connected line will be reflected by the DSwitch connection lines.