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The cornerstone: a simultaneous interpretation system

that has made history. And numerous other innovations.

Without the efforts of our company founder Helmut Brähler the world of conference technology would be completely different today. As early as 1958 he designed his first simultaneous interpretation system, which was trendsetting for the times. This system was the initial spark leading to the founding of the Brähler company, called "Brähler Konferenztechnik" at that time. Over the years Brähler has continuously refined conference technology and introduced several innovations.

As early as 1961, for instance, Brähler introduced single-cable technology to the world of conference technology to replace the material- and labour-intensive multi-cable technology. Another important milestone in the history of the company was the invention of the DIGIMIC principle in 1973. This enabled an unlimited number of microphones and system functions to be controlled via only two lines of a data bus. The red ring luminant on microphones that tell speakers when they are "on air" was also introduced by Brähler in the 1980s. This invention was trendsetting worldwide and is now considered to be the standard. Brähler introduced the CDSVAN digital conference system based on DSP technology in 2000. And in 2011 our CMic microphone station won the iF product design award for its innovative design.

The Brähler team is still working continuously on advancements in conference technology and setting pioneering new technology trends again and again. This is always done according to the four principles of 1. reliability, 2. flexibility, 3. top quality and 4. ease of use of our technology.

The iF product design award

The iF product design award (renamed to simply the iF design award in 2014) is awarded annually to products that stand out due to their innovative design. Over 2,000 applications from over 30 countries around the world are received each year. Our CMic, an ultra-slim and elegant microphone unit within our DIGIMIC family, was one of the winners in 2011. It won over the judges with its slim construction and elegant, discreet design.