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Our abilities: developing innovative conference systems and

furnishing sophisticated conferences and events

We know that perfection is required in the world of conference and event technology. Two things are required for this: technical systems that fulfil 100 percent of these requirements and a team that can perfectly operate and make use of this technology and knows a lot about technical conference and event management. We therefore place great value on the high professional qualification of our team. We consistently work exclusively with highly qualified and motivated employees, all of whom have corresponding professional training. They have come to work perfectly together thanks to their many years of working together and belonging to the company. This guarantees that our customers' events will run smoothly.

One particular strength of Brähler is its speed and internationality. We have a network of more than 50 partners around the entire world and are also capable of acting quickly. Afterall, there is not always a lot of time remaining for the preparation of a conference or eventand reliable technicians and professional conference technology must be available on short

notice. It is only through a reliable communications system (24-hour availability, mobile accessibility and a high-performance intranet) with sophisticated logistics, a worldwide supply of compatible materials for rent that is even sufficient to cover foreseeable peak demand and an experienced, motivated team of conference technicians ready for action around the world that we can take the sometimes seemingly impossible and actually make it possible.

Making the impossible possible – this is what we work to do when dealing with the requests and requirements of our customers. We do not merely create individual technical concepts for each event. We can also individually configure or adapt our systems to the requirements and needs of our customers as well. We even adapt the design as needed so that it seamlessly integrates into your space or furnishings in its shape, colour and equipment.